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Off to college!

2009-09-02 02:44:51 by ThaScientist

See if I don't learn something in Computer Animation I.

Cured Mostly

2008-12-02 20:44:42 by ThaScientist

Well, I still procrastinate, which you could say is a disease.


2008-11-26 11:19:55 by ThaScientist



2008-11-23 14:59:15 by ThaScientist

Friendship's patched up, but I'm in the third day of fever symptoms. Last night I was 103.6. This morning I was 102.4. About an hour ago it seems I've dropped to 99. something. Do not underestimate the healing powers of Tylenol.

Blamming Mood.

2008-11-21 19:27:36 by ThaScientist

A-blamming I shall go. CHRIST I'm mad at someone and my head feels ready to fall off. Who else feels this tired when they lose 20% of their normal sleep?! I'm such a fucking mess.

The Price Tag.

2008-11-11 23:23:09 by ThaScientist

I've got Adobe Flash Sticker Shock.


How does one get Flash on the cheap?! I've gotta know.

Combat Arms/Gone in a flash

2008-08-29 11:56:50 by ThaScientist

Summer's winding down, and unfortunately I still do not have Flash Software, but mark my words: someday soon I will. Anyway, thanks to Newgrounds I discovered Combat Arms, the free online FPS, and I've been happily fragging away. I am a sergeant and still on the way up. I got a powerful shotgun recently, which has seriously helped me to start getting more kills than deaths. It's the best close-quarters weapon by far. Nobody reading these posts yet, but maybe that'll change when I start submitting content.


2008-07-12 19:17:00 by ThaScientist


The MicroKORG analog-modeled synthesizer is mine to play with, speaking through a godlike 55 Watt Roland Amplifier. I have joined the vast ranks of musicians and musician wannabes who live by the sliders and knobs. I am VERY happy. It plays like a dream.


Summer job's gone.

2008-07-04 13:28:36 by ThaScientist

I was gonna be a paid employee at a small computer camp, but low enrollment cancelled it for this year. That sucks because I was planning to use it as a tool for learning flashplayer, the cornerstone of newgrounds. I guess I'll have to learn it on my own, but not all is lost.

My ship has come in, and I'm getting a MicroKorg miniature synthesizer! I can't wait to take one home from Guitar Center and try out it's MIDI capabilities. This means you might hear me on newgrounds before you see me.

New High

2008-07-02 23:35:01 by ThaScientist

100 saves. Who's awesome?! I'm awesome!